Built-in speaker and

microphone array

Built-in speaker and high-sensitivity microphone fully meet the needs of multi-conference scenes.

Intelligent noise reduction,

better sound quality

Intelligent DSP noise reduction enhancement processing, the audio effect is better, and the performance of human voice transmission is unparalleled.

Simple button, easy operation

Three buttons to your meetings,easy to understand and operate.With obvious light indicator for microphone status.

Special storage design

Cable is hidden and easy to carry with you anywhere.

Product display
Product specification
Product model

Microphone Array
- Built-in 2 Microphone Array
- Voice Pickup Range Up to 3 meters

Speaker - Built-in Hi-Fi Speaker

DSP AUDIO - Acoustic echo cancellation and noise reduction
- Dynamic speech enhancement

Keys - 1 x Mute key
- 1 x Vol- key
- 1 x Vol+ key

Audio port - 3.5mm Audio hole

Indicator light - Mute⸺Red
- Standby and talk⸺White
USB Cable
- 0.5Meter
Warranty - 12Months

Product size
- 141 x 67 x 31mm

What's In The Box
- 1 x POD6 Conference microphone
- 1 x Storage bag - 1 x User Manual - 1 x USB2.0 adapter
WeDoInnov POD6 DataSheet EN.pdf
POD6 User Manual.pdf