Omnidirectional vioce pickup

Built in 6 microphone array with voice pickup range up to 3 meters.

Sound source localization technology

Automatic detection for voice location and speaker position,Focus on voice, clear radio.

Long endurance

Built-in 3000mAh battery, that can last up to 8 hours of conversation. Provide clear, smooth and stable audio and video experience.

Wireless Bluetooth connection

Built-in high quality Bluetooth module, connect with various of Bluetooth devices and minimize cable clutter.

High fidelity loudspeaker

Built in high fidelity speaker, perfect balance sound quality, clear sound without noise.

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Product specification
Product model

Integrated Audio - Built-in Hi-Fi speaker - Built-in 6 Microphone Array - Voice Pickup Range Up to 3 meters - Acoustic echo cancellation and noise reduction - Mic Sensitivity:-27dBFS - Signal to noise ratio:64.3dB(A)

Bluetooth - Bluetooth 5.0
Battery - Built-in 3000mAh battery

Power supply - DC 5V
Connections - 1 x 1.2M USB 2.0 Cable
Product size
- 130mm x 130mm x 35mm
Package size - 176.9mm x 172mm x 72mm

Warranty: 12 Months
What's In The Box - 1 x POD3 Conference Speaker - 1 x 1.2meters USB cable - 1 x User Manual
WeDoInnov POD 3 DataSheet EN.pdf
POD 3 user manual.pdf