WeDoInnov HD9 Pro is an enterprise-level video conferencing endpoint designed for small to medium conference rooms, which is cost-effective and simple to deploy. It provides an efficient way for enterprises to replace chat-based consumer-grade communication tools, and greatly improves collaboration efficiency.
HD9 Pro integrates camera, codec, speaker and microphones into one single device to provide users with unparalleled video and audio experiences. It's built with 4K ultra-HD image sensor and 90° wide field of view plus the advanced ePTZ camera technology, which allows everyone in the conference room to be presented clearly.
The integrated audio is designed for the size of small to medium conference rooms, providing users with professional and satisfactory audio performance. Two beamforming microphones and high quality speaker help ensure that the audio will be just as exciting as video during video conferencing. In addition, the optional expansion microphone can meet different room configurations needs, ensuring everyone will be heard.
HD9 Pro integrates with open Windows 10 operating system and is compatible with any Windows-based office and collaboration software, or cloud services such as Skype for Business, Zoom, WebEx, etc. The compact and all-in-one design reduces complicated connections of cables to keep desktops clean, at same time, it makes deployment and use extremely easy and simple.
WeDoInnov HD9 Pro at small / huddle room
WeDoInnov HD9 Pro at medium room
Windows 10 based powerful codec for high quality video conferencing

Integrated Intel i5 processor, powerful codec capability to reach 1080p video conferencing easily. Based on Windows 10 operate system, HD9 Pro is compatible with almost any Windows-based video collaboration application, including what you are already using such as Skype for Business, Zoom, WebEx etc.
4K ultra  HD camera with wide field of view

HD9 Pro delivers superior video quality for small to medium conference rooms. The 90-degree wide field of view will take everyone into the scene including attendees sitting at sides of the camera. 4K ultra high-def image sensor provides sharp clarity and it supports 4x digital zoom and pan/tilt, that presentations can focus on important details to be clearly shown.
Clear voice with Beamforming microphone arrays and high
quality speaker

The HD9 Pro's integrated audio device is optimized
for small to medium-sized conference spaces,
providing exceptional sound effects. Two
beamforming microphones and high quality speaker ensure every participant hear and be heard clearly.    And expansion microphones to help expand audio
coverage is also optional.
Support dual screen display,
video collaboration is more

HD9 Pro integrates a rich set of interfaces, including
the connection of two displays. One shows the
conference video while the other shows the sharing
content. Full screen displays ensure video image and content of presentations are equally shown with
high quality and deliver more efficient and
professional video collaboration.
As professional as dual
screen output

With built-in dual HDMI output ports,it supports screen extension and copy, one for people video displaying, one for content sharing. The more
professional video collaboration improves a lot
for teamwork efficiency.
Expansion microphone for HD9 Pro.
Expansion Mic

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