A whole new way to video call

Enjoy video calls on the big screen instead of smartphone or other device. Catch up with friends
and family through your TV from the comfort of your couch, without crowding around or squinting at
a tiny screen.

Stay connected with families and friends

Meet your families and friends with built-in HD
camera, talk with them with built-in Hi-Fi audio.

With the Google Play Store, it provides limitless entertainment options to any TV—from movies, TV shows, music, games and more—improving the life experience and keeping everyone in the family happy.
Transforms any TV into a smart TV

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VC Room System

Conference Camera


Video Call Box
「 WeDoInnov 」comes from the words「 WeDo 」 and「 Innovation 」.To combine them together, it symbolise that we will keep on making innovations, to supply easy and effecient video&audio collaboration systems for enterprises all over the world.